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Emergency phones

Outside emergency phones across the campus

 A network of Emergency Phones cover the Macdonald / John Abbott Campus. These phones are found outside buildings, along walkways, in parking lots and structures at various locations where they are most visible.

The box-type phones are equipped with a blue or red light that flashes once the phone is activated to make them visible. The phones can be used to contact Campus Security.

Using an emergency phone

To use an Emergency Phone, simply press the red button and wait until you are connected with Campus Security. We encourage staff, students, and guests to use these phones whenever needed. At all times, a vehicle will be dispatched to the phone to provide assistance.

911 on public phones

All Public phones on campus are connected to the 911 system. No coin is needed when dialing 911. In the event that 911 is called, it is recommended that a follow-up call is placed to Campus Security at 514-398-7777 (on Macdonald Campus ext 7777, on John Abbott Campus ext 5777).

When to call Security

Some places where to find emergency telephones on campus

It is important that you call Campus Security in the event of an emergency. Certain areas of the campus are difficult to find and it is crucial to avoid a delay in life-threatening emergencies. Campus Security will respond quickly and escort Ambulance or Police interventions.