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Residence safety tips

How to stay safe on campus

  • Keep room doors locked at all times when room is unoccupied or when tenants are asleep.
  • Do not lend keys or leave keys where they can be stolen.
  • Do not leave valuables in a visible location. 
  • Identify all personal belongings, including clothes.

Proximity readers

How to use your McGill ID card in the reader

Biohazard protocol

Dealing with suspicious envelopes or packages

Please follow this protocol to identify and handle suspicious envelopes or packages. This checklist outlines common features of anthrax threat letters.

Medical emergencies

In case of medical emergency

  • If you need an ambulance, call 911 and then Campus Security at 514-398-7777.
  • Calling Campus Security will ensure that trained personnel will be dispatched. Campus Security personnel have been trained in First Aid/CPR, and are certified to use and operate an AED Automated External Defibrillator.

Protect your computer and data

Protect your hardware, software and data

Valuable property of any type is an attractive target for thieves. Increasingly popular items are computer equipment. Take preventative action to protect these items.

Evacuation procedures in case of fire

In case of fire

  • Refer to the evacuation plans posted in all corridors throughout the Campus.
  • Know at all times what area you are located in and what exit you must take as indicated on the evacuation plans.
  • Know at all times where the fire hose cabinets and fire extinguishers are located in case anyone is trapped.

Making your environment more secure

Keeping your immediate environment safe

Physical environment

First, consider your environment in general. Your building will be accessible to many individuals after hours. Is your work area in an isolated part of the building or close to an exit?

Offensive phone calls

What do to

Receiving indecent or harassing telephone calls can be both frightening and confusing. What are harassing or obscene phone calls? They are repeated telephone calls, where the caller intends to harass, alarm or annoy the recipient. These types of phone calls are criminal offences.

Cash security

Safes, deposits and money matters

In many respects, cash is the most attractive item for thieves. Please consider the following recommendations carefully:

Restricted access

Lock-down of doors on off hours

 As an additional safety measure, all entry/exit doors except the Macdonald-Stewart and Barton main doors are locked at 19h00, from Monday to Friday.