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Card access (Macdonald campus only)

Overnight and week-end access

Most of the mail buildings on the Macdonald Campus are controlled by Proximity Readers, for overnight and week-end access. The system includes card readers at the following locations:

  • Macdonald-Stewart main entrance.
  • Tunnel doors between Macdonald-Stewart and campus Library.
  • Computing Center Macdonald-Stewart Complex.
  • Harrison House main entrance.
  • Institute of Parasitology main entrance and back door.
  • Centennial Centre main entrance.
  • CINE back entrance.
  • Barton, Dairy Information Lab.
  • Raymond, Applied Biotechnology Lab.

All students who are registered at Macdonald Campus will have their McGill ID#s automatically entered in the card access system. Staff on appointment must report to Laird Hall 101 where Security will program their ID cards for access.

Lost or stolen cards

Individuals who have lost their McGill ID card or have had it stolen must report to Campus Security immediately. Cards that are reported lost or stolen will be immediately invalidated.


Macdonald-Stewart Porters are on duty from 06h15 to 23h45, Monday to Friday.