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University Policies, Procedures and Guidelines -- Human Resources

Administrative and Support Staff Engaged in Academic Duties

Benefits: Contributory Benefits Coverage

Conflict of Interest/Conflits d'intérêts

Consulting & Similar Activities by Academic Staff, Regs on [.pdf]

Disability Leaves for Full-Time Academic Teaching Staff and Librarians

Disability Policy

Educational Assistance Policy (Academic Staff)

Employment of Academic Staff, Regulations Relating to the

Employment_of_Tenure_Track_and_Tenured_Academic_Staff, Regulations Relating to the

Employment of Contract Academic Staff, Regulation Relating to the [.pdf]

Employment of Librarian Staff, Regulations Relating to the

Employment Equity Policy [.pdf]

Employment Guidelines for Unranked Academic Staff

Employment of Course Lecturers, Guidelines for the

Harassment, Sexual Harassment, & Discrimination Prohibited by Law, Policy on

Hazing and Inappropriate Initiation Practices, Policy on
Bizutage et les practiques d'initiation inappropriées, Politique sur le

Immigration Procedures for Full-Time Academic Staff

Leaves of Absence for Tenured & Tenure Track Staff, Regs on 

Maternity Leave, Parental Leave and Extended Parental Leave for Members of Academic Staff, Regulations on

Non-Performance of Academic Duties During a Legal Strike, University Policy on the [.pdf]


Recruiting New Full-Time Ranked Academic Staff

Recruiting New Contract Academic Staff

Relocation Service for New Full-Time Academic Staff

Retirement of Academic Staff, Regulations on

Sabbatic Leaves for Tenured and Tenure Track Academic Staff, Regulations on

Safe Disclosure, Policy on
Divulgation sans risque d'actes fautifs, Politique sur la

Short-Term Disability Policy

Staff Dependent Scholarship and Tuition Waiver Policy

Staff Files Policy

Vacation Entitlement for Academic Staff