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Candidates Statements - Group 1

Personal Statements of Nominees for Representative of the
Full-Time Administrative and Support Staff (non-unionized) to Senate

Group 1

Rina Cohen, Paralegal
Contracts Administrator – Research Contracts and Agreements
Office of Sponsored Research

McGill faces economic challenges imposed by various government bodies and as such it is compelled to respond to these challenges and restructure its administration and by extension its faculties in order to preserve its precious administrative and support staff. It would be an honour to be elected as a member of McGill Senate to advocate its national and international reputation in research excellence. In today’s precarious economic constraints, I would seek to validate and promote McGill’s administrative and support staff (non-unionized). If elected, I would serve with integrity and transparency having McGill’s best interest at heart.

Brett Hooton, Director
Office of the Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations)

Thank you for considering my Senate nomination. Over the past 15 years, I have contributed to McGill as an undergraduate, graduate student, staff member, and alumnus as well as serving on the board of the University’s daycare, CPE McGill, and acting as a facilitator in HR’s “CoachingOurselves” program. I will bring objectivity and seek out various viewpoints on governance matters, considering multiple perspectives before arriving at decisions that will benefit our diverse communities and McGill overall. My primary goal as a Senator will be ensuring administrative and support staff have our voices heard on all strategic issues facing the University.