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Personal Statements of the Nominees for a Representative of the Full-Time Academic Staff to Serve on the Board of Governors


Jean DESCHÊNES, Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine

It would be an honour to be chosen as a member of the McGill Board of Governors. If selected, I would serve with honesty, integrity and with McGill’s interests at heart. Serving on the Board would be a natural step in my contributions as a tenured full-time professor. I have been a Post-Graduate Associate Dean, a Residency Training Program Director, and a member of the McGill University Senate. I would also bring to the Board my background as an administrator, a subspecialty clinician, teacher and researcher, and would hope that these varied experiences would contribute to its breadth and range.


Eleanor ELSTEIN, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

I am a member of the Faculty of Medicine.

I wish to work with the Board of Governors and the Principal to promote McGill University’s international reputation. In our environment of significant budgetary restraint, I would seek innovative ways to encourage sustainable support from traditional non-government sources such as alumni and industry and seek out novel sources of funding. The Quebec Government must be reminded that McGill is an asset and a source of pride to all Quebecers. I would work to emphasize the accomplishments of McGill and its contributions to the Quebec community as a whole.


Richard GOLD, Faculty of Law

McGill confronts decreased and uncertain revenues and increased pressure to transfer technology. An Associate Member of the Department of Human Genetics in Medicine and James McGill Professor in Law, I bridge science and law through my research on the university’s contribution to innovation and economic and social growth. I possess the governance experience as founding Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy, Senate member, Chair of a Committee on Research Misconduct, and member of member of university committees on innovation. We should build on McGill’s relationships to assist faculty in moving their knowledge to those who can use it.


Alvin SHRIER, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine

As a member of the Board of Governors I would promote collegial governance and the involvement of academic staff in all decision-making processes. I have had extensive university experience as a Departmental Chair, Associate Dean and Past-President of MAUT. My current involvement includes key University committees on salaries, pension and benefits, teaching and learning, and I Chair the University Laboratory Safety Committee. As Director of CIHR research groups, national research organizations and a McGill life sciences theme I have pursued collaboration, shared resources and innovation. I would be vigilant on policy change and would promote academic freedom, transparency and communication.


David Y.THOMAS, Department of Biochemistry and Human Genetics, Faculty of Medicine

McGill’s reputation and future achievements rest upon the shoulders of its professors supported by an able and flexible administration. I have taught at McGill for over 20 years both as an adjunct in Biology and as professor and Chair in Biochemistry. At McGill, I have lead several major initiatives including the McGill University Life Sciences Complex – built on time and on budget. The Board of Governors plays an important role in our community of scholars. I have considerable experience serving on committees and achieving results. I would be honoured to serve my colleagues at this critical time for the University.