Clinical Practicum

The School relies on the expertise and generosity of many Speech-Language Pathologists (S-LPs) and Audiologists who serve as Clinical Educators (CEs) for students in our M.Sc. Applied program. All individuals who supervise students in clinical practicum experiences are licensed members of the Professional Order or College in the jurisdiction where training takes place. CEs typically have at least two years of independent professional work as an S-LP or Audiologist prior to undertaking student supervision.

In this section, Clinical Educators (CEs) have access to forms to make a practicum offer, the English and French versions of the Clinical Training Manual and all practicum forms and tools. There is also a section on how to become an Affiliate Member and have access to McGill’s on-line journals. Award winning CEs are also showcased in this section.

Students have access to the French and English versions of the Clinical Training Manual, all Practicum Forms and a variety of tools. This is students’ entry point for all practicum related information.  

For any ideas, comments, or questions, please e-mail sophie.vaillancourt [at] (Sophie Vaillancourt) or kelly.root [at] (Kelly Root), Coordinators of Clinical Education.