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Professional Leadership Award

2012 Award Winner
Sharon Fotheringham

Sharon Fotheringham has had a nationwide impact on the field of Speech-Language Pathology. In addition to her practice with both adults and children in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Ontario, she was appointed as the first director of SAC in 1996. During her fifteen-year tenure with SAC, Mrs. Fotheringham developed competency profiles for professionals as well as standards for both clinical certification and University accreditation. She also negotiated agreements with international professional associations for mutual recognition with several countries, and played a leadership role in support of key SAC committees and in the preparation of several reports of national importance to the profession.

2012 Award Winner [.pdf]

2010 Award Winner
Karen Evans

Karen Evans, (M.Sc.A. degree granted 1987) has contributed enormously in clinical settings for children as well as adults.  Ms. Evans started the development of Karen's Cues, a widely used manual cuing system for supporting speech development, and created the Semantic Parsing method for developing sentence comprehension in children with specific language impairments.

2010 Award Winner [.pdf]

2008 Award Winner
Ayala Hanen Manolson

Ayala Hanen Manolson, (M.Sc. degree granted June 1973) has made a tremendous contribution to the speech-language pathology profession and to families of children with communication disorders throughout the course of her career. Her most notable accomplishment, the founding of the Hanen Centre, is well known across Canada and internationally.

2008 Award Winner [.pdf]