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B.Sc. Course Approval form

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Science Freshman Program - Course Approval Form

The course approval form will be available as of June 2, 2014. Please newstudentadvising [dot] science [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email )your questions to us, or visit our office in Dawson Hall room 405. Our advising schedule is on our homepage.

Personal Information
A. Advanced Standing

Up to 30 credits of advanced standing may be awarded to students who have completed Advanced Placement Examinations (AP), Advanced Subsidiary (AS), Advanced Levels (AL), and International Baccalaureate (IB), as well as the European Baccalaureate and French Baccalaureate.

Students transferring from other universities or colleges may be awarded advanced standing credits for their course work.

Now tell us about any advanced standing you will have. Failure to tell us that you have written any of the exams listed below is an offense under Article 18 of McGill's Code of Student Discipline found in the Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities (the "Green Book") and could result in the cancellation of your admission to the university.

If you do not have advanced standing, but feel that you should be exempt from some of our basic science courses, you may write Placement Examinations. These are available to you only at the very beginning of your first year. You will not be permitted to write them at any later time. No exceptions are made.

B. Course and Grade Information

You must tell us which papers or exams (including APs) you have written or will be writing, and your grades if you know them. If you do not know your grades, leave the spaces for the grades blank, and inform your adviser. You must arrange for the board which administers the exams to send an official copy of your results to McGill's Enrolment Services.

If you took these courses at a college or university, please enter its name.

Name of Paper/Course with Units/Modules. For examples, see http://www.mcgill.ca/students/transfercredit/prospective/

C. Academic Goals
Indicate which Science Group you were accepted to.

In the box below enter the departmental programs (subjects) which you are considering for your Major(s) and/or Minor(s). You can make alternate choices, if you wish, when you are ready to declare departmental programs. This section is optional. Note that you can only choose a Major from within your Science Group, but you can take a Minor from any Group.

If you already have specific goals for further study after you graduate, or for following a specific career path, mention these in the box below.

D. Freshman Course Selection

The Freshman program which you are entering serves several functions. It gives you an opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in several subjects which are essential to the study of Science. During this year you may discover new interests and talents which will influence your choice of departmental programs for the following three years of your degree.

Your course choice during your year in the Science Freshman program should be determined by the major program you intend to pursue in the final three years of your degree. Consult the program-specific advice page on which courses to select.

You can make changes to your course selections during the Add/Drop Period when you have experienced the range and variety of subjects and courses available. Changes must be approved by your adviser. If you have selected Option 1 of the Freshman program, choose two Math courses and four courses from Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics from those listed below. If you have selected Option 2, choose three Math courses and three courses from Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics.

* These courses are very advanced and require prerequisites and/or departmental approval. Contact a Faculty of Science adviser before registering for these.
* These courses are very advanced and require prerequisites and/or departmental approval. Contact a Faculty of Science adviser before registering for these.

Now select one additional course from those listed below which includes the courses above, as well as ESYS 104, COMP 202 and PSYC 100.

* These courses are very advanced and require prerequisites and/or departmental approval. Contact a Faculty of Science adviser before registering for these.
E. Elective Courses
If you intend to take elective courses this year, list them below. In all cases, please enter only the course number (the four character subject code plus three digit number). A normal full load is 14 to 16 credits per term. The maximum allowed is 17 credits (not recommended).
F. Registration
You must access Minerva during the registration period to register for your Fall and Winter term courses. After the registration period, there is a course change (add/drop) period when you can make changes to the courses for which you have registered. Changes must be approved by a Faculty of Science adviser. Follow the links under Newly admitted students for information on how to obtain approval for your course changes.
I understand that I must access Minerva to register for my courses for the Fall and Winter Terms of the coming academic year, and that I may also use Minerva to make changes to my course registration (if approved) during the course change period.
G. Questions
Please use the space below to enter any questions you have for a Faculty of Science adviser. An adviser will reply to this e-mail within ten working days.

Once you click the Submit button, you will receive an automated email containing a summary of your submission. At the bottom of the email will be a link back to your completed form. Ignore it. It does not contain any new information, and the system will not let you modify your original form, so you cannot view it (it just says "Access denied"). An advisor will reply to your form via your email address, which you entered above.