Approved Arts Freshman Courses

As a freshman B.A. & Sc. student, you may select your Arts courses from those listed below. These are suggestions only.

Note: Courses not being offered are grayed-out in the on-line Calendar, and they do not appear in Class Schedule on Minerva. You should consult timetable information via Minerva for changes in course offerings or times and for the locations of the courses. Reminder: all courses have limited enrolment.


Note: If you intend to follow a psychology program, you should not register in SOCI-216 (Social Psychology). PSYC-215 (Social Psychology) is more appropriate. Credit will not be given for both courses.

Anthropology ANTH 201 Prehistoric Archaeology
ANTH 202 Socio-Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 203 Human Evolution
ANTH 204 Anthropology of Meaning
ANTH 205 course description not available
ANTH 206 Environment and Culture
ANTH 207 Ethnography Through Film
ANTH 208 Evolutionary Anthropology
ANTH 209 Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 212 Anthropology of Development
ANTH 222 Legal Anthropology
ANTH 227 Medical Anthropology
Economics ECON 199 FYS: Aspects of Globalization
ECON 205 An Intro to Political Economy
ECON 208 Microeconomic Analysis&Applic
ECON 209 Macroeconomic Analysis&Applic
ECON 219 Current Econ Problems:Topics
ECON 223 Pol Economy of Trade Policy
ECON 225 Economics of the Environment
History HIST 194 FYS: Jewish Concepts of Others
HIST 195 FYS: Sources of World History
HIST 197 FYS: Race in Latin America
HIST 198 FYS:Nation Bldg&Nationalism
HIST 199 course description not available
HIST 200 Intro to African History
HIST 201 Modern African History
HIST 202 Survey: Canada to 1867
HIST 203 Survey:Canada since 1867
HIST 204 course description not available
HIST 205 Ancient Mediterranean History
HIST 206 Africa& the Indian Ocean World
HIST 207 Jewish History:400 BCE to 1000
HIST 208 Intro to East Asian History
HIST 211 American History to 1865
HIST 212 course description not available
HIST 213 World History, 600-2000
HIST 214 Intro to European History
HIST 215 Modern European History
HIST 216 History of Russia to 1801
HIST 218 Modern East Asian History
HIST 219 Jewish History: 1000-2000
HIST 221 United States since 1865
HIST 225 course description not available
HIST 226 E Central &SE Europe in 20th C
HIST 236 Russia from 1801 to 1991
HIST 249 Health&the Healer in West Hist
Linguistics LING 200 Intro to the Study of Language
LING 201 Introduction to Linguistics
Political Science POLI 211 course description not available
POLI 212 Gov\'t&Politics-Developed World
POLI 221 Government of Canada
POLI 222 Political Proc&Behav in Canada
POLI 226 La vie politique québécoise
POLI 227 Developing Areas/Introduction
POLI 231 Intro to Political Theory
POLI 232 Modern Political Thought
POLI 243 Intl Poltcs of Econ Relations
POLI 244 Intl Politics: State Behaviour
Sociology SOCI 210 Sociological Perspectives
SOCI 211 Sociological Inquiry
SOCI 219 Sociology of Culture
SOCI 222 Urban Sociology
SOCI 225 Medicine&Health in Mod Society
SOCI 230 Sociology of Ethnic Relations
SOCI 234 Population & Society
SOCI 235 Technology and Society
SOCI 247 Family & Modern Society
SOCI 250 Social Problems
SOCI 254 Development&Underdevelopment
SOCI 270 Sociology of Gender

II. HUMANITIES (Literature and Civilization)

Note: Some of the courses listed below are not suitable for first term as they require university level prerequisites. Please check the Calendar course entries for further information about appropriate background before registering.

Art History ARTH 204 Intro to Medieval Art & Arch
ARTH 205 Introduction to Modern Art
ARTH 207 Intro Early Mod. Art 1400-1700
ARTH 209 Intro to Ancient Art and Arch
ARTH 215 Introduction to East Asian Art
ARTH 223 Intro Ital Renai Art 1300-1500
Classics CLAS 203 Greek Mythology
CLAS 208 course description not available
CLAS 309 course description not available
CLAS 311 course description not available
CLAS 313 course description not available
CLAS 314 course description not available
East Asian Studies EAST 211 Intro:East Asian Culture:China
EAST 212 Intro:East Asian Culture:Japan
EAST 213 Intro:East Asian Culture:Korea
EAST 214 course description not available
EAST 215 Introduction to East Asian Art
EAST 216 course description not available
EAST 351 Women Writers of China
EAST 353 Approaches to Chinese Cinema
EAST 354 course description not available
EAST 356 Modern & Contemp. Chinese Art
EAST 362 Japanese Cinema
EAST 363 Early and Medieval Japan
EAST 364 Mass Culture & Postwar Japan
EAST 370 History of Sexuality in Japan
EAST 385 Global Korea
EAST 390 The Chinese Family in History
English ENGL 199 FYS: Literature and Democracy
ENGL 200 Survey of English Literature 1
ENGL 201 Survey of English Lit 2
ENGL 204 English Literature & the Bible
ENGL 215 Intro to Shakespeare
ENGL 225 American Literature 1
ENGL 226 American Literature 2
ENGL 228 Canadian Literature 1
ENGL 229 Canadian Literature 2
ENGL 237 Intro to Study of a Lit Form
ENGL 279 Introduction to Film as Art
ENGL 280 Intro to Film as Mass Medium
French Language & Literature FREN 199 FYS: Littérature française
FREN 250 Litt française avant 1800
FREN 251 Litt française depuis 1800
German Studies GERM 197 FYS: Images of Otherness
GERM 259 Intro to German Literature 1
GERM 260 Intro to German Literature 2
Hispanic Studies HISP 225 Hispanic Civilization 1
HISP 226 Hispanic Civilization 2
HISP 241 Survey of Spanish Lit 1
HISP 242 Survey of Spanish Lit 2
HISP 243 Survey of Spanish Amer Lit 1
HISP 244 Survey of Spanish Amer Lit 2
Italian Studies ITAL 199 FYS:Italy\'s Lit in Context
ITAL 300 course description not available
ITAL 311 course description not available
ITAL 320 course description not available
ITAL 327 course description not available
ITAL 328 course description not available
ITAL 330 course description not available
ITAL 355 Dante and the Middle Ages
ITAL 361 Modern Italian Literature
ITAL 365 The Italian Renaissance
ITAL 374 Classics of Italian Cinema
ITAL 375 Cinema&Society in Modern Italy
Jewish Studies JWST 199 FYS:Images-Jewish Identities
JWST 201 Jewish Law
JWST 206 Intro to Yiddish Literature
JWST 211 Jewish St 1: Biblical Period
JWST 217 Jewish St 3: 1000 to 2000
JWST 225 Literature and Society
JWST 240 The Holocaust
JWST 252 Interdisciplinary Lectures
JWST 254 The Jewish Holy Days
JWST 261 Hist of Jewish Phil & Thought
Philosophy PHIL 200 Intro to Philosophy 1
PHIL 201 Intro to Philosophy 2
PHIL 210 Intro to Deductive Logic 1
PHIL 220 course description not available
PHIL 221 Intro to Hist & Phil of Sci 2
PHIL 230 Intro to Moral Philosophy 1
PHIL 237 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 240 Political Philosophy 1
PHIL 242 Intro to Feminist Theory
Religious Studies RELG 201 Religions:Ancient Near East
RELG 202 Religion of Ancient Israel
RELG 203 Bible and Western Culture
RELG 204 Judaism, Christianity&Islam
RELG 207 Intro to Study of Religions
RELG 210 Jesus of Nazareth
RELG 232 course description not available
RELG 252 Hinduism & Buddhism
RELG 253 Religions of East Asia
RELG 256 Women in Judaism and Islam
RELG 270 Religious Ethics & the Environ
RELG 271 Sexual Ethics
Russian & Slavic Studies RUSS 217 Russia\'s Eternal Questions
RUSS 218 Russian Lit and Revolution
RUSS 219 course description not available
RUSS 223 Russian 19c: Literary Giants 1
RUSS 224 Russian 19c. Literary Giants 2
Women Studies WMST 200 course description not available


Note: In this category you may take courses to acquire or to improve your language skills. A placement test may be necessary and approval from the department may be required.

Classics CLAS 210 Introductory Latin 1
CLAS 212 Introductory Latin 2
CLAS 220D1 course description not available
CLAS 230D1 Introductory Modern Greek
East Asian Studies EAST 220D1 First Level Korean
EAST 230D1 First Level Chinese
EAST 240D1 First Level Japanese
EAST 320 Second Level Korean
EAST 330 Second Level Chinese
EAST 340 Second Level Japanese
English as a Second Language ESLN 200 course description not available
ESLN 300 course description not available
ESLN 400 course description not available
ESLN 500 course description not available
French Language & Literature FREN 199 FYS: Littérature française
FREN 201 Composition 1
FREN 203 Composition 2
FREN 231 Linguistique française
FREN 239 Stylistique comparée
FREN 245 Grammaire avancée
French as a Second Language FRSL 101D1 course description not available
FRSL 105 Intensive Beginners French
FRSL 206 Elementary French
FRSL 207D1 Elementary French 01
FRSL 208 Intensive Elementary French
FRSL 211D1 Oral and Written French 1
FRSL 212 Oral & Written French 1
FRSL 215 Oral&Writ French 1-Intensive
FRSL 216 Découvrons Mtl en français
German Studies GERM 200 German Lang Intens Beginners
GERM 202D1 German Language, Beginners
Hispanic Studies HISP 202D1 course description not available
HISP 204D1 course description not available
HISP 210D1 Spanish Language:Beginners
HISP 218 Spanish Lang Intens-Elem
HISP 219 Spanish Lang Intens-Intermed
HISP 220D1 Spanish Language:Intermediate
Islamic Studies ISLA 521D1 Introductory Arabic
ISLA 522D1 Lower Intermediate Arabic
ISLA 532D1 Introductory Turkish
ISLA 533D1 Lower Intermediate Turkish
ISLA 541D1 Introductory Persian
ISLA 542D1 Lower Intermediate Persian
ISLA 551D1 Introductory Urdu-Hindi
ISLA 552D1 Intermediate Urdu-Hindi
Italian Studies ITAL 205D1 Italian for Beginners
ITAL 206 Beginners Italian Intensive
ITAL 210D1 Elementary Italian
ITAL 215D1 Intermediate Italian
ITAL 216 Intermediate Italian Intensive
Jewish Studies JWST 200 course description not available
JWST 220D1 Introductory Hebrew
JWST 280D1 course description not available
Religious Studies RELG 257D1 Introductory Sanskrit
RELG 264 Introductory Tibetan 1
RELG 265 Introductory Tibetan 2
RELG 280D1 Elementary New Testament Greek
Russian & Slavic Studies RUSS 210 Elementary Russian Language 1
RUSS 211 Elementary Russian Language 2
RUSS 215 Elem Russian Lang Intensive 1
RUSS 255D1 course description not available