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About the B.Sc. / M.Sc. (Thesis) Track

The Faculty of Science is pleased to introduce the B.Sc./M.Sc.(thesis) track. If you are a strong undergraduate student who is interested in research and you would like to stay at McGill to do your M.Sc. degree, this track may be the thing for you!

This track is intended for strong McGill undergraduates, who can apply for early admission to a M.Sc. or M.A. program offered by a department in the Faculty of Science.

Undergraduates in this track will tailor their undergraduate program, especially their U3 year program, to ensure that they are well prepared for their M.Sc./M.A. studies. This may involve taking higher-level courses and/or research courses.

Students will normally apply during the second term of their U2 undergraduate year and will normally start their Masters program in the summer following their U3 studies.

Each department has its own criteria for admission, but in all cases the student should have a CGPA of at least 3.3. Higher CGPAs and/or other requirements are usually required. Students interested in this new track should talk with their departmental advisors to determine if they qualify before making an official application.

Who can apply?

Any U2 McGill student may apply, from Septempber 15 of U2 until September 14 of U3.

For which term?

You may apply for either the summer or fall terms that follows your U3 year. It is recommended to apply for the Summer term even if you might want to defer your start to September. This is because it is possible to move an admission decision forward, but not backward.

How do I apply?

Use the normal McGill online application form. You should access this via your Minerva account: under the Student Tab, please select the item for Applications. This method should populate the application form with the information that is already on the McGill systems (name etc.).

What do I do once I start the online application?

You should enter your personal information, ensuring that you complete the fields as follows:

What best describes your educational background: Bachelor’s degree
Where did you pursue these studies: Quebec Univ (incl. McGill)
Are you a McGill student? - Yes
Application Type: Masters Early Admission
Term: Summer 20xx or Fall 20xx (choose the summer or fall term that follows your U3 year)

For program choices you will be able to choose any M.A. or M.Sc. program offered by a Science unit.

Is it different from a normal grad application?

It is effectively the same application form, but with a few important differences. Firstly, only current U2 McGill students will be able to access it. Secondly, some of the work in filling out the form is done automatically.

What should U3 students do?

Students who have already started U3 should use the normal graduate application form, not the Early Admissions Form.

What are the admissions criteria?

Each department has set its own admission criteria, but in all cases the student must have a CGPA of 3.3 or higher. Departments can, of course, set stronger criteria.

I have more questions. Whom can I ask?

Please contact the graduate program coordinator in the Science unit (department or school) where you would like to apply.