Boosting interdisciplinary research

Researchers in McGill's Faculty of Science rank among the world's best. This fact is reflected by the most recent Research Infosource data: full-time professors at McGill lead the country with the highest research funding! Success is evident in individual grant funding and the underlying peer recognition on which this is based. RIO will focus on increasing visibility and success in interdisciplinary, McGill-led, major grant funding.

To do so, the Research Innovation Office will identify project opportunities and communicate these via this website as well as by direct contact with faculty members whose research interests match the opportunity domain. RIO shall provide support in preparing such applications by:

  • acting as sounding board / discussing potential project ideas,
  • assisting in identifying complementary co-investigators from other disciplines,
  • obtaining and making available examples of successful applications, and
  • reading and providing feedback on preliminary and subsequent applications.

Please consult the list of current funding opportunities.