Interdisciplinary funding opportunities

This table summarises application deadlines. See below for more information about these grant programs.

AgencyGrantLOI Deadline (Agency)*Application Deadline
NSERC Collaborative R&D Grants any time
NSERC Special Research Opportunity any time
ACCELERATE Canada Industrial R&D Internship Program any time
* The internal McGill (RGO) deadline is 2 weeks before the Agency deadline.

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Grants: more information

Agency/Grant Canada-California Strategic Innovation Partnership (CCSIP)
Duration 1 year, not renewable
Award range $50,000 or $100,000 max total
Description This program, a partnership between the State of California and the International Science & Technology Partnership (ISTP) Canada, is designed to support innovative, large-scale, multi-disciplinary research development projects of interest to both California and Canada. Total budget allocation is US$2 million for this CFP. Projects must have a strong probability for technology transfer and commercialization. The program offers 2 types of support: a. $15K - $50K grants to conduct focused bilateral roundtables, workshops or symposia and b. Max. $100K grants for the development and delivery of detailed R&D business plans. Initiatives are sought in areas including but not limited to Nanotechnology, Green IT, Infectious Diseases, Carbon Capture and Sequestration.
Website Canada-California Strategic Innovation Partnership (link no longer available, 2014/03/25)

Agency/Grant NSERC / Collaborative R & D (CRD) Grants
Duration up to 5 years (most common 3 yrs)
Award range $5K - 480K per year (average grant $50K)
Description CRD grants are designed to encourage collaborations resulting in economic benefits to Canada. CRDs support well-defined projects undertaken by university researchers and their private-sector partners. CRD awards cover up to half of the total eligible direct project costs, with the industrial partner(s) providing the balance in cash and in kind. Applicants need not hold a Discovery grant to be eligible apply. Decisions often made in less than 3 months from submission of complete application. Success Rate:84%
Website NSERC CRD Grants

Agency/Grant NSERC / Special Research Opportunity (SRO) Grants
Duration up to 3 years
Award range $20K - 230K per year
Description SROs are designed to allow researchers to seize exceptional opportunities, including those of an international nature, as they arise, and to accelerate time-sensitive research. What distinguishes a special research opportunity from other research is its urgency and timeliness. SROs provide short-term support for high-risk research projects with significant potential benefit to Canada. Success Rate: 50%
Website NSERC SRO Grants

Agency/Grant ACCELERATE Canada Industrial R&D Internship Program
Duration 4 months (sometimes renewable once)
Award range $15K per 4-month project
Description Announced in 2007, this Industrial R&D Internship program aims to connect university research and industry innovation. The ACCELERATE internship program is an applied research program involving graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, their academic supervisors and participating non-academic partner organizations. Such organizations can include companies, hospitals, government labs and agencies, and not-for-profit societies. The program targets all academic disciplines including the physical, biological and mathematical sciences, engineering, health sciences, arts and humanities, social sciences and business. The Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS) NCE for mathematics administers the ACCELERATE internship program.
Website MITACS Accelerate