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Realizing commercial potential

Do the products of my research have commercialization potential? Could they contribute to fill an existing societal need? How and when should I discuss these questions?

Understanding and realizing the value of intellectual property (IP) grows in importance each year as a component of university research activity. The RIO will work to promote IP literacy and encourage researchers:

  • to integrate thinking of the commercialization potential into the research continuum, and
  • to consider The Market Road [.pdf] (see p.4 in link).

Such an approach will not always lead to commercialization, but will help identify potentially valuable developments in a timely manner. Given the Faculty's excellence in research, there is strong probability of more invention disclosures and better translation of research innovations into products.  Much more info via McGill's Office of Sponsored Research

**NEW in January 2012**  GIG - Entrepreneurship, Science -based 

This graduate interest group will offer the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and the process behind turning science-based ideas into successful products.  It takes more than an excellent technology to successfully commercialize a product.  Other factors such as freedom to operate, patent protection, market access and requisite infrastructure are equally essential.  Meet and discuss what it takes with experienced achievers in that domain.

PATENTS are the most frequent type of IP encountered in university technology transfer. The links below give access to patent offices and searchable patent databases.