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2017 Universitas 21 Undergraduate Research Conference

The Faculty of Science invites our undergraduate research students* to apply for a chance to represent McGill at the upcoming Universitas 21 Undergraduate Research Conference, which will be held this year June 26-30, 2017, at the University of Edinburgh, UK. *Please note the particular eligibility requirements below.

About the conference

The theme of this year's conference is “Future Societies, Global Citizens”. What global challenges will face future societies and how can today’s internationally minded students become global citizens? The specific conference themes will be: development, health, justice and the environment. Under each theme, participants will explore the potential for active global citizenship in improving human rights, realizing fundamental freedoms, expanding human knowledge, and driving innovation. [More information about the conference]

The winner of the Faculty of Science competition will advance to the University-wide selection committee, which will select two McGill students to represent McGill at this event. Up to $3,000 per student will be provided, which should cover all expenses. (For the University of Edinburgh’s estimate of costs, please refer to the FAQs available here.)

Deadline; How to apply

To apply, complete the webform below, print the email copy you will receive, have this signed by your research supervisor to confirm her/his approval to present, attach a printout of your transcripts (unofficial okay), and submit to the Office for Undergraduate Research in Science (Dawson Hall, 408-A) by Monday, March 13, at 11:00am.

The Faculty of Science finalist will be notified by Friday, March 24, and the selected McGill delegates will be notified around April 1.


To be eligible to apply, you must:

  1. Be an undergraduate Faculty of Science student (B.Sc. or B.A. & Sc.).
    (If you are from another faculty, contact your Student Affairs Office or equivalent.)
  2. Either
    • have completed at least one semester of an Honours or 396 research course, or an equivalent research course, before the conference; or
    • have presented at the 2016 Faculty of Science Undergraduate Research Conference.
  3. Be returning to McGill for at least the Fall 2017 semester.
  4. Meet passport and visa requirements for travel to the UK.
  5. Agree to submit a 1-2 page report about your conference experience to the Office for Undergraduate Research in Science by August 15, 2017.

Application form