How do BASC 396 undergraduate research project courses work?

Instructors will prepare project descriptions and submit them electronically to the Office for Undergraduate Research in Science (OURS). The form is available on the OURS website.

OURS maintains a page where students can view project descriptions.

Students interested in a potential project (that has already been submitted by a professors and posted) will communicate with the instructor proposing the project. Instructions on how to apply are indicated on each project description.

Students interested in a new project (that is not yet posted) may ask their proposed supervisors to fill out a new form.

When an instructor and student agree upon a project, they should print, complete, and sign the form, and then submit the form to OURS (contact information available here).

OURS will refer these projects to the B.A. & Sc. Program Advisory Committee Chair (or designate) who approves (or does not approve) the proposal form.

OURS will notify students if their projects are approved or not. For successful applicants, OURS will give the student permission to register for the course on Minerva (and will open a section on Minerva if needed).

OURS will also change the project status on the website to indicate that the project is no longer available for applicants.

This application, selection, and registration process should be completed before the beginning of the project's term.

The instructor and any appropriate researchers advise students throughout the term.

Instructors or their home departments may want to give introductory lectures, meetings, or lab safety instruction to groups of students enrolled in the course.

The student must present his/her final report to the instructor in charge of the project before the last day of classes.

The instructor in charge of the project is responsible for assigning a letter grade to the project, submitting this to OURS, and providing feedback about the report to the student.

OURS is responsible for submitting the grades for the course, for each term the course is offered.