Confirmation biases in human genetics - HGEN 396 Undergraduate Research Project Application Form

 Supervisor's Name: Simon Gravel

Supervisor's Email: simon.gravel [at]

Supervisor's Phone: 5144342326

Supervisor's Website:

Supervisor's department: Human Genetics

Course number: HGEN 396 (Human Genetics)

Term: Summer 2014

Project start date: May 16, 2014

Project end date: August 15, 2014

Project title: Confirmation biases in human genetics

Project description (50-100 words suggested): The student will study the impact of ascertainment bias on reported values for fundamental parameters of human evolution, such as the mutation rate. Starting with a documented historical bias (Millikan's oil-drop experiment), the student will move on to contemporary measures of biological quantities.

Prerequisite: 1 term completed at McGill + CGPA of 3.0 or higher; or permission of instructor.

Grading scheme (The final report must be worth at least 50% of final grade): Final grade shall be based on an evaluation of laboratory (or equivalent) performance (40%), a final written report (50%), and an oral presentation (10%) by the supervisor.

Project status: This project is taken; however students may contact the professor to discuss other possible '396' projects this term.

How students can apply / Next steps: After all of the parts of this application forms are completed and the hard copy is signed by the professor and the student, bring the application form and a copy of your unofficial transcript to the Department of Human Genetics (to the attention of Dr. Patricia N. Tonin, Stewart Biology Building N5.13) during office hours.

Ethics, safety, and training: Supervisors are responsible for the ethics and safety compliance of undergraduate students. This project involves NEITHER animal subjects, nor human subjects, nor biohazardous substances, nor radioactive materials, nor handling chemicals, nor using lasers.