Psychology student

A psychology degree opens many doors into the world of basic scientific research, medicine, law, business, mental health, and education.

Our students find depth and excitement in working with professors on research projects and selecting from a wide range of courses the ones that help them identify career goals. Psychology, the scientific study of mind, brain, and behaviour, allows students to learn how genes, neurotransmitters, hormones, maturation, and the environment contribute to human functioning.

Our department is known for its tradition in neuroscience but our program is diverse, covering clinical, social, and health psychology, as well as cognitive science, language, personality and other topics.

Program options

Undergraduate Major, Minor, Liberal, and Honours programs include a diversity of courses in cognition, child development, health, neuroscience, perception, psychopathology, quantitative and computer modelling, and social psychology.

At the graduate level, the department offers research oriented Ph.D.’s in experimental psychology (e.g., neuroscience, cognition, personality), and in clinical psychology.

Undergraduate and graduate students participate in fascinating research projects in the department and at McGill teaching hospitals.

Department highlights

  • All courses taught by renowned experts in their field.
  • Peer Advising Program: trained undergraduate students help fellow students.
  • Opportunities to conduct research with professors and graduate students.
  • McGill Psychology Students Association (MPSA). Contact them at (514) 398-6118.

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