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Mathematics and Statistics


Mathematics and statistics are everywhere in our modern world, playing a vital and often central role in many areas. The study of mathematics for its own sake can be profoundly satisfying. It also provides a flexible education which opens the door to opportunities in a wide range of fascinating and expanding fields.

Mathematics includes two major divisions: pure mathematics (abstract mathematical structures and mathematics as an intellectual enterprise) and applied mathematics (using mathematics to model and interpret real-world phenomena). A separate, but related, field is statistics (which uses mathematics and probability to study random phenomena).

Students graduating from our programs go on to graduate studies in one of the mathematical sciences, pursue training in a professional school, or work in business, teaching, or computing.

Program options

Undergraduate students may elect to follow an Honours, Liberal, Major or Minor program, with Joint Honours offered in Mathematics and Computer Science or Physics and Joint Majors in Mathematics and Computer Science or Physiology.

At the graduate level, Master’s and Ph.D. students can work with members of the department on research in a variety of fields, including applied mathematics, algebra, analysis, number theory, geometry, category theory and logic, probability and statistics.

Department highlights

  • Our programs allow students to take many electives and to develop expertise in other fields.
  • A rigorous Honours program provides an excellent background for graduate studies.
  • Excellent facilities, including the Edward Rosenthall Mathematics and Statistics Library and a variety of computer labs.
  • The Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students (SUMS). Visit their website.
  • Funded summer projects have recently included projects about number theory in cryptography and statistical methods in brain imaging.

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