Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Dean Grant with Students at Convocation

What's special about a McGill B.Sc.?

A McGill B.Sc. degree is customizable! McGill is a comprehensive research-intensive university, so there are endless opportunities for you to explore within the Faculty of Science and in other quarters of the University. If you want to pursue your area of studies in greater depth, you can switch from a major program to a more specialised honours program. Or, you can stick with your major, and take advantage of opportunities for intellectual exploration. Choose from a wide list of individual elective courses in Science and other Faculties like Arts, Education, Management, and Religious Studies. You can also add a minor, from a host of diverse areas, such as Art History, Kinesiology, Linguistics, Music Technology, Neuroscience, Sexual Diversity Studies, or Technological Entrepreneurship, as well as more traditional domains of Science. Few other universities can offer undergraduate Science students so many choices for breadth and depth. See our extensive options for your programs of study and check out the extras: electives, minors, field studies, and more you can add to your degree.

Can I do fieldwork for my B.Sc.?

McGill also offers four field study semesters and many field courses. You can have the best of all possible worlds by experiencing both urban sophistication and life "in the field" - for example, in the fall, study in Montreal, one of the world's great cosmopolitan cities, and then in the winter, take McGill courses for McGill credit in Africa. See our "extras" page on this site for more information. Naturally, you can also participate in undergraduate research projects on campus.

How long will it take to complete my degree?

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree is normally a four-year program consisting of 120 credits. This is split into a 30-credit freshman (foundational) program and a three-year, 90-credit departmental program. Students entering directly from high schools (outside of Quebec) usually start with the 30-credit freshman program, whereas students coming from Quebec CEGEP programs (who will have completed one more year of studies) are usually granted 30 credits at the time of admission and they start directly into the 90-credit departmental program. International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, and Advanced Level applicants may received advanced standing credit for all or part of the 30-credit freshman program.

What are U0 and U1?

U0 is another term for the freshman year, which is the first year of the 120-credit four-year program (see previous paragraph).
U1 is the second year of the four-year program, or the first year of the 90-credit three-year program.
U2 is the second-to-last year.
U3 is the final year of a B.Sc.
You may come across these terms on some McGill websites.

Do I need to choose my major now?

When you apply for B.Sc. programs in the Faculty of Science you do need to choose from one of several groups of programs, but you do not need to have chosen your exact program of study. It is important that you apply to the group that interests you the most, because once you are admitted, you will be able to register for any Major within that group only.

If you apply to McGill from highschool, you will enter a one-year Freshman program, and then choose your program (from the group you were admitted to) at the end of the Freshman year. (If you know your intended program right from the start, you can choose your classes with this in mind, even though you do not formally declare your program yet; but it is not necessary to choose your exact program at the start of your Freshman program.) If you apply to McGill from a Quebec CEGEP, an International Baccalaureate program, a French Baccalaureate program, on the basis of Advanced Level exams, or as a university transfer applicant, you indicate your choice of group at application time, and you make your choice of major (from within your group) at registration time before starting your courses.

[More information about program groups for B.Sc. applicants]

When do I choose my major?

When you enter the 90-credit departmental program, you will choose your departmental program (normally a major program) from the group of programs you were admitted to. Quebec CEGEP students can do this at the time of application or can wait until they register for their courses; most other students do so at the end of the Freshman year. See also the previous section about your choice of program groups.