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B.Sc. Freshman Program Requirements

Students normally complete 30 credits which must include at least 7 courses from the list of Approved Freshman Science courses.

General Math and Science Breadth (6 courses)

Six of the freshman courses must satisfy one of the following options:

Option 1:
2 courses from MATH and 4 courses from BIOL, CHEM or PHYS;


Option 2:
3 courses from MATH and 3 courses from BIOL, CHEM or PHYS.

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Suggested elective courses

Freshman Science students may choose electives from the courses listed below, once the required and complementary courses have been selected as part of the B.Sc. Freshman program.

Note: Courses that are not being offered in the current year are not listed in Class Schedule on Minerva.

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Approved Arts Freshman Courses

As a freshman B.A. & Sc. student, you may select your Arts courses from those listed below. These are suggestions only.

Note: Courses not being offered are grayed-out in the on-line Calendar, and they do not appear in Class Schedule on Minerva. You should consult timetable information via Minerva for changes in course offerings or times and for the locations of the courses. Reminder: all courses have limited enrolment.

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B.Sc. Course Approval form

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Major Program-specific advice

Students interested in programs in the following areas are advised to select their Freshman courses in accordance with the corresponding recommendations.

How to select courses

As a Freshman Program student you will be using the web to have your course selection approved by a Faculty adviser and will not be assigned to a departmental program adviser during your first year at McGill. However, you are encouraged to consult departmental advisers about specific academic information pertaining to prerequisites, courses and departmental programs. Their advice will enable you to have a better understanding of the departmental programs you may choose. B.Sc.

Summer course restrictions


General advising and course information

You should plan to attend the University orientation session and one of the departmental orientation sessions that are offered during the last week of August. Go to the session offered by the department in which you are taking most of your courses. You will have yourself assigned to an academic adviser.

In order to determine which courses will be appropriate for you, your departmental adviser will need to have information about the courses you've taken at your home university. Please bring the following pieces of information to your advising appointment:

B.Sc. General Info

This page provides links to general degree requirements in the eCalendar that are frequently sought by students enrolled in the Faculty of Science. Please choose from the items below for suitable information.

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Awards, scholarships, prizes

Awards available to Science students are included in the Calendar of Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards. All relevant information (including regulations) on awards is included in this calendar.