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Verification of your record

The purpose of verification is to ensure formally the accuracy of all student information. This includes program and course information, as well as personal information such as mailing and home addresses.

Students are responsible for ensuring that all information on their record is accurate. Inaccurate program or course registration may jeopardize graduation.

Special Note for Freshman Registration

Since B.Sc. U0 students begin registering after several other faculties start registering, we usually restrict access to our Freshman Science courses for part of the summer, and open them to everyone once our students have had a chance to register. This is to ensure that students who need these courses have equal access to places in the courses.

Here is the plan for 2014:

For non-lab freshman courses
MATH 133, MATH 134, MATH 139, MATH 140, MATH 141:

June 6 to June 24

Open to students in selected degrees:

Registration information

For helpful information concerning registration issues, see the menu at the left or list below.

Knowledge about Minerva will also aid you in the registration process.

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