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Language courses

As a freshman student, you may wish to take a language course this year. The following regulations regarding language courses apply to students in the freshman year.

  1. No more than one 6-credit or 9-credit language course at an elementary level may be taken in the first year.
  2. You are permitted to take two language courses in the freshman year provided that they are at different levels, e.g., Elementary French and Intermediate German.
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English and French second language courses

English Second Language (ESL) courses are open to students whose primary language is not English and who have studied for five years or less in English-language secondary institutions.

B.A. & Sc. and B.Sc. students are allowed a maximum of 12 credits of ESL courses, including academic writing courses for non-anglophones.

Placement tests are required for all courses offered through the English and French Language Centre.