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Science special, visiting and exchange students

Orientation, advising and registration information for Special, Visiting and Exhange Students for Fall 2014 and/or Winter 2015.

Activity Date(s) Things to Know/Do/Bring
Inform Yourself until Sept.

McGill Student Exchange Programs

Important Note:

2nd round to apply for an exchange for Winter 2015 term to institutions that still have spaces available will open on Minerva as  May 1, 2014 and will close in early June.  The list of available universities will be listed just before the opening date.  Please refer to the: International Education Website  for further information.

As of the Summer 2011 term, students who are on any type of study away during their graduating term WILL NOT be able to g

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General advising and course information

You should plan to attend the University orientation session and one of the departmental orientation sessions that are offered during the last week of August. Go to the session offered by the department in which you are taking most of your courses. You will have yourself assigned to an academic adviser.

In order to determine which courses will be appropriate for you, your departmental adviser will need to have information about the courses you've taken at your home university. Please bring the following pieces of information to your advising appointment:

Study away and Exchanges

Studying away from McGill is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity whose benefits can go far beyond academic learning.

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