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How to select courses

As a Freshman Program student you will be using the web to have your course selection approved by a Faculty adviser and will not be assigned to a departmental program adviser during your first year at McGill. However, you are encouraged to consult departmental advisers about specific academic information pertaining to prerequisites, courses and departmental programs. Their advice will enable you to have a better understanding of the departmental programs you may choose. B.Sc.

Course withdrawals

After the Course Change (Add/Drop) Period, there is a period of time during each term when you may still withdraw from courses on Minerva without academic penalty. You may withdraw from your courses in any given term using Minerva up to the course withdrawal deadlines. Withdrawing from your last course in a given term constitutes a University withdrawal.

Non-attendance at classes does not constitute a withdrawal. It will result in a grade of J (failure due to absence).