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Vittoria Catania Anatomy and Cell Biology
Tim Merlis Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Christine Laberge

Self assessment

Self assessment is the key to academic success. External factors are often the root of academic problems, but they are not always a direct cause of poor grades. Rather, it is often the decisions you make in dealing with your problems that have a direct effect on your grades. You have a great deal of control over your academic success.

Additional Services

Many sources of information are available to you in planning your degree, registering for your courses and programs, clarifying policies and procedure, and exploring career opportunities.

Study skills

I. How to study

Successful study demands that you give yourself ample time and that during this time you keep your mind actively engaged in the learning process. Ample time for the average student means about two hours of study for each hour of class. Since the normal academic load is 15 to 16 credits, the average student will spend that many hours in class plus twice that many hours studying, totaling about 45 to 48 hours a week.