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Transfer credits

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You are granted transfer credits for coursework satisfactorily completed elsewhere according to the regulations and procedures approved by the Faculty of Science as outlined below.

Transfer Requirements and Instructions


Students entering U3 with 84 or more credits* are no longer eligible to apply to transfer into the B.Sc. or into the B.A.&Sc.). 

*Students admitted to McGill from a CEGEP DEC and transfer students from another university – your credit limit is 84 credits as indicated by the TOTAL CREDITS value on your Minerva transcript.

Internships for B.A.&Sc. students

This page provides internship and study away information that would be frequently sought by students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts and Science degree. Please choose from the items below for suitable information.

Limits on non-Arts or Science courses

There are limits on how many credits students in the B.A.&Sc. degree take outside of the Faculties of Arts and Science. The regulations for these limits are covered  B.A.&Sc. eCalendar.

Continuing Education courses

Registering for a Continuing Education course for credit toward your B.A. & Sc. degree:

  • Continuing Education courses with subject numbers that do not start with a C can be taken for credit towards your B.A. & Sc. degree.

    The exceptions to this rule are:
    CHEM 18X World of Chemistry X
    CEAP 250 Research Essay & Rhetoric
    CESL 150 English as a Second Language
    CESL 200 ESL: Academic English 1
    CESL 299 ESL: Academic English Seminar
    CESL 300 ESL: Academic English 2

Integrative course

The B.A. & Sc. degree includes a required integrative course (BASC 201, 3 credits).

The Integrative course may also be used to fulfill the requirements of one of the B.A. & Sc. programs or may be considered as elective credit.

B.A.&Sc. General Info

This page provides links to general degree requirements in the eCalendar that are frequently sought by students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts and Science. Please choose from the items below for suitable information.

 B.A.& Sc e-Calendar 

Advising and registration for currently registered students

Below please find important information and advice on upcoming events for all students who intend to return to McGill for the 2014-2015 academic year:


Note carefully:

All students in Quebec must have a valid Permanent Code. This should appear on your Mienrva transcript, near your name. If it is missing, see the legal documents website for information on how to obtain a Permanent Code.