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Office for Science and Society (OSS)


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The Office for Science and Society

(OSS) disseminates up-to-date information in the areas of food, medication, cosmetics, and health - specifically directed towards the public, educators, and students. The approach is multi-faceted and makes use of radio, television, the press, private consultations, public lectures, the classroom, and the internet.

OSS is actively involved in continuing education at several levels. There are courses offered to the public dealing with issues of current interest ranging from nutrition and health care to various environmental concerns.

Companies are offered specialized short courses for the professional development of employees in accordance with Quebec government requirements. Workshops and programs targeted at elementary and high school teachers are also organized with a view towards energizing their classroom activities through the infusion of accounts of interesting and current scientific developments.

A wide array of educational and informative presentations suitable for conferences, company and school functions, professional meetings, study groups, seniors' societies and special events are available. These range from the "Magic of Chemistry" stage show to presentations on dietary supplements and biotechnology.

Dr. Joe Schwarcz is the Office's Director, Dr. Ariel Fenster serves as Director of Communication, and Dr. David Harpp is the third founding member. These three have been widely recognized both for their teaching skills and for their efforts at communicating science to the public and have collectively won over a dozen local, national and international awards for their teaching and public outreach efforts. Located at McGill, the Office has access to experts in virtually all areas of science and medicine for consultation.

Please visit the OSS website for more information.