Freaky Fridays: when McGill scientists bust myths and clarify science

Freaky Friday public outreach events allow McGill scientists and researchers to examine the myths, realities and misconceptions surrounding some pressing science issues or phenomena. This Winter semester the Freaky Fridays will examine and explore some of the Redpath Museum's most striking scientific collections while sampling local beer, wine, and appetizers. 

Where: Redpath Museum [map], 859 Sherbrooke Street West, Metro McGill/Peel (unless otherwise indicated). No reservations necessary; however, seating is limited.
When: Fridays, 5—8 PM
Cost: $5, student, staff, child; $10 non-student; max. $15/family
Information: science.outreach [at]

The Freaky Friday series was made possible with funding from the Science Outreach Program in the Faculty of Science.

Many of the past Freaky Friday lectures are available on McGill podcasts (here and here) and on iTunesU.

Winter 2017

February 10, 2017: Ichthys, Herpys and making fish walk. Learn about the Museum's collections of preserved frogs, lizards and fish, including the walking fish Polypterus (shown here). This Freaky Friday starts with a presentation by Trina Du (Ph.D. candidate, Larsson Lab, Redpath Museum) about her experimental work on fish limbs and ends with a sampling of local brew and unusual pickled specimens from the Museum's Ichthyology and Herpetology collections. You can get a taste for Trina's work with walking fish here (McGill Tribune).

March 10, 2017: Slugs, snails and scorpions. Find out how invertebrates such as snails, ancient sea scorpions and slugs are related and why they deserve more respect. Sample a bit of local brew and sample some invertebrate bouchées such as roasted crickets.

April 7,  2017: Them bones. Examine skeletons and osteological specimens from the Museum's zoological collections. Sample a bit of local brew and Montreal BBQ bones.