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23 Mar 2015
1 May 2015

Default Period: Monday, March 23 - Friday, May 1

Condensed Period: Monday, March 23 - Wednesday, April 15 (in certain units including Biology, Mathematics and Statistics, Psychology)


Atelier de decouverte: Momies égyptienne et momification (en francais)

29 Mar 2015 11:30

Chaque dimanche nous avons TROIS sessions pour TOUS les âges: 11h30 – 12h30 OU 13h-14h OU 14h30-15h30

$8 chaque enfant, GRATUIT pour parents. Chaque atelier inclut un bricolage. Resérvez à l'avance: 514-398-4092.

The Bat Man of Mexico @ Redpath Museum

29 Mar 2015 15:00

The Bat Man of Mexico

(BBC, 2014)

Three Minutes to Change the World: Register today to attend

2 Apr 2015 13:00

Register today to attend Three Minutes to Change the World, featuring McGill graduate students giving three-minute presentations about their thesis research and its impact on the community....

Cutting Edge Lecture in Science: The neuroscience of balance - From athletes and astronauts to the elderly

9 Apr 2015 18:00

By Kathleen Cullen (Professor, Physiology and Director of McGill’s Aerospace Medical Research Unit)

Family Discovery Workshop: Seeds, nuts and flowers

12 Apr 2015 13:00

April 12: Seeds, nuts and flowers (in English)

Science on Stage: Socrates, the ultimate freedom

19 Apr 2015 14:00

  A public reading from Plato's Socratic dialogues. By Denis Brault (Professor of Latin and Ancient Greek, La Fondation Humanitas Foundation).

  Accompanied by cellist Vincent Bélanger.

Journée de la terre @ Musée Redpath Museum

26 Apr 2015 10:00

Minerals Rock!

New Nature Talk and Walk: What feathers tell us

10 May 2015 09:00

What feathers tell us - Using field marks to identify birds

With Alison Hackney (Bird Protection Quebec)

Journée de la musées montréalaise / Montreal Museums Day @ Musée Redpath Museum

24 May 2015

Outdoor activity / Activité à l’extérieur (weather permitting / si le temps le permet):