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Super Science Doc @ Redpath Museum: Babies

12 Jul 2015 15:00

Filmmaker Thomas Balmès criss-crosses the globe to observe and record the first two years in the lives of four infants and their families. Ponijao is the youngest of nine children and lives in a village in Namibia.

Stones and Beer bike tour

12 Jul 2015 16:00

Now a family-friendly bike trip exploring the fossils and rocks, architecture, and secret spots in Montreal's building stones.

Super Science Doc @ Redpath Museum: The Chocolate Farmer

19 Jul 2015 15:00

2010red  By: Rohan Fernando

Film documentaire @ Musée Redpath Museum: La Soif du Monde

26 Jul 2015 15:00

La Soif du Monde (2012).   Par: Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Pour le mois d'archeologie: Hands-on Archaeology Dig / Fouille archéologique

9 Aug 2015 14:00

Immerse yourself in a hands-on, interactive archaeological dig led by Michelle Della Corte (Concordia University, Classics and Archeology), recently returned from a dig in Argilos, Greece.

Super Science Doc film: The Worm Hunters

13 Sep 2015 15:00


Homecoming 2015 @ Redpath Museum: The Letters of Seneca

25 Oct 2015 14:00
The Letters of Seneca