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Science special, visiting and exchange students

Orientation, advising and registration information for Special, Visiting and Exhange Students for Fall 2014 and/or Winter 2015.

Activity Date(s) Things to Know/Do/Bring
Inform Yourself until Sept.

Orientation and Registration - Start Here

Help Line for Newly Admitted B.A. & Sc. and B.Sc. students (2014-2015):

Tel: 514-398-5442
Hours: Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Steps to Beginning Your Degree Successfully

The table below contains the list of steps to follow for course selection, advising, and registration. Please read the information carefully.

The dates in the table are provided for your convenience.

B.Sc. Freshman Program (4-year degree)

Help Line for Newly Admitted SCIENCE students (2014-2015):

Tel: 514-398-5442
Monday to Friday

Classified as

Transfer credits

You are granted transfer credits for coursework satisfactorily completed elsewhere according to the regulations and procedures approved by the Faculty of Science as outlined below.

A. Which institutions are approved by transfer credits:

Transfer credits are accepted from institutions that meet the following criteria:

1. The host university is accredited by a college board or a government ministry.


Classified as

Summer Studies at a University Outside Québec

If you would like to take a summer course at another Quebec University please see Study at Another Quebec University.

Studying at another university during the summer months allows you the opportunity to take a few courses away from McGill while experiencing a new city or culture.


U3 STUDENTS: As of the Summer 2011, if you are taking any courses outside of McGill during the Summer months and you are graduating, YOU WILL NOT be able

Restricted courses outside the Faculty of Science

Course restrictions 2014-2015 General policy

While all courses offered at McGill have academic merit, not all are appropriate for credit towards the B.Sc. degree. Science students should consult the Science section of the eCalendar for the regulations governing which courses are open to them.

Special Note for Freshman Registration

Since B.Sc. U0 students begin registering after several other faculties start registering, we usually restrict access to our Freshman Science courses for part of the summer, and open them to everyone once our students have had a chance to register.


The Diploma is designed for students with an undergraduate degree who wish to enrich or reorient their training, supplementing their specialization with additional undergraduate-level coursework.

General Information

This page provides general information that would be frequently sought by students enrolled in undergraduate programs of the Faculty of Science.