May 22, 2012

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday, May 22, 2012
3:00 p.m., Redpath Museum Auditorium

Faculty of Science End-of-Year Celebration
Redpath Museum Lobby - Immediately Following the Meeting

Adoption of Agenda

Resolution on Death of Former Faculty of Science Member

Resolution on the Death of Robert E. Lemon, Emeritus Professor of Biology
- Prof. Graham Bell, Department of Biology

Reports of Committees

a) Faculty of Science Excellence Award
- Prof. Doina Precup, Chair

b) Leo Yaffe Teaching Award
- Prof. Edith Zorychta, Chair

Candidates for Degrees - Director (Advising Services) Nicole Allard

a) Bachelor of Arts and Science - S-11-23 To be Tabled
b) Bachelor of Science - S-11-24 To be Tabled
c) Diploma in Environment - S-11-25 To be Tabled
d)Diploma in Meteorology - S-11-26 To be Tabled

Minutes of February 14, 2012

Business Arising from the Minutes

Reports of Committees (continued)

c) Academic Committee - S-11-27
Click here for Academic Committee Documents
d) Committee on Student Standing - S-11-28 To be Tabled  
e)  Scholarships Committee - S-11-29 To be Tabled

Dean's Business

a) Dean's Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research List - S-11-30 To be Tabled
b) Research Innovation and Commercialization
c)Fessenden Prizes and Professorships

Results of Science Election for Senate

Reports on Actions of Senate

  • Prof. B. Lennox: Senate Meeting of February 15, 2012
  • Prof. N. Roulet: Senate Meeting of March 21, 2012
  • Prof. G. Dudek: Senate Meeting of April 18, 2012
  • Prof. C. Gale: Senate Meeting of May 16, 2012

Members' Question Period

Other Business

Faculty of Science End-of-Year Celebration
Redpath Museum - 1st Floor Lobby Immediately Following the Meeting

Academic Committee Documents

The Academic Committee approved the following on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 and Tuesday, May 8, 2012: 

A. New Courses

(1) Earth & Planetary Sciences 
    EPSC 567 - AC-11-47 

(2) Biology 
    BIOL 546 - AC-11-48

(3) Psychiatry 
    PSYT 400 - AC-11-49 

(4) Mathematics & Statistics 
    MATH 180 - AC-11-54 
    MATH 537 - AC-11-55
    MATH 540 - AC-11-56
    MATH 541 - AC-11-57 

B. Course Changes

(1) Computer Science 
     COMP 522 - AC-11-45 

(2) Geography 
     GEOG 321 - AC-11-46

(3) Biology 
     BIOL 473 - AC-11-52 
     BIOL 551 - AC-11-53
     BIOL 307 - MCC-11-24

(4) Chemisry 
     CHEM 577 - MCC-11-25 

C. Other

(1) B.A. & Sc. Degree Program:
     (i) Interfaculty Program Requirements - PAC-11-8                                                      
     (ii) Retiring the Double-Minor Option - PAC-11-9                                                         
(2) Super B.Sc. - AC-11-58
     (i) Enriched Freshman Program
     (ii) B.Sc. (Global)