Science Award of Excellence

Nomination deadline: 12 April 2017

Name of Award: Faculty of Science Excellence Award.

Purpose: To acknowledge outstanding performance and contribution by members of the Administrative and Support staff.

Frequency: The award is to be conferred every year as of 2008, and to cycle in the following sequence: 2015 -T, 2016-M, 2017-C

Eligibility: An individual must have been on staff in the Faculty of Science for a minimum of three years in order to qualify for a nomination. All members of the Administrative and Support Staff within the Faculty are eligible, that is, all staff holding a classification of "C," "T", “L”, or "M". Staff who are members of both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science are eligible to receive the Faculty of Arts award only. Staff who work both for Arts and for Science are eligible only for the Faculty of Arts award, but they may now be nominated by staff in either Faculty. Permanent part-time and permanent sessional staff may be considered for the award; the length of service for these staff must be equivalent to three years full-time in the Faculty. The award may be conferred only once to the same person.

Selection Process: A committee will be named by the Dean, chaired by the Dean or Dean’s representative, and will consist of the following members:

One academic representative: Prof. Jacques Hurtubise, Chair, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Two representatives from "M" classification: Ms. Antonia Di Paola, Department of Psychology

Ms. Martine Dolmière, Faculty of Science

Two representatives from "C" classification:

Ms. Diti Anastasopoulos, School of Computer Science

Ms. Faygie Covens, Tomlinson Project in University-Level Science Education

Two representatives from "T" classification: Mr. Lang Shi, Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
Mr. Mike Daoust, Department of Chemistry

Award committee members will be appointed for a period of two years. If a member of the Award committee is nominated for the award, that individual will recuse herself/himself from the Committee and an alternate will be named.

Nominations for the Award: A complete nomination consists of the following documents (submitted electronically [PDF format] to josie.damico [at] (Josie D’Amico)):

  • PDF icon nomination_and_outstanding_contribution_form_2017.pdf
  • A short biography, especially regarding how long the person has been at McGill and in the current position
  • A maximum of three (3) letters of reference / support (each letter should not exceed 1 page in length). These letters can come from academics, non-academic support staff and students, as applicable.  A mix of sources is acceptable.
    • Detailed letters of support should be submitted to the Award Committee.
    • All members of the Faculty of Science may support a nomination, that is, academic, clerical, managerial, technical staff and students registered in a Faculty of Science department. The letters of support should profile the nominee's contributions to the Department, the Faculty and the University.
    • Nominations may be signed by one individual from a department outside the Faculty of Science.
    • Nominations may be supported by members of one or more departments in the Faculty.
    • Nominations may be supported by one student signature.
    • No individual may nominate more than one candidate.
    • Staff who are members of both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science may support nominations for both the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science awards.

Criteria for Determining an Award Winner: The Award committee should be fully entrusted to make an appropriate judgment. It should assess all nominations fairly and equitably and consider the relative impact of a nominee's accomplishments within the context of the individual's classification. The Committee should award on the basis of truly outstanding performance and contribution to the Department, the Faculty and the University. The award should not be given if there are no strong candidates in a given year.

Acceptance of the Award: When a recipient has been selected by the Award committee, the committee Chair should advise the individual of the Committee's decision and ensure that the individual is willing to accept the award.

Announcement of Award Recipient: The Dean should present the award to the recipient at the May meeting of Faculty. Members of the Administrative and Support Staff should be notified that a presentation will be made and invited to attend. A notice and short profile on the award recipient should be published in The McGill Reporter.

Commemorative Object: A brass plaque bearing the name of the award winner, the year and the winner’s department will be affixed each year to the large commemorative plaque in the Faculty reception area. The individual recipient of the award should be presented with a certificate, suitably framed, as a record and a personal memento. The cost of the commemorative objects should be borne by the Faculty.


February: The Dean should strike a committee
1 March: A call for nominations should be sent out by the Faculty
31 March: Nominations should be received by the Dean or Dean's representative
April: Deliberations of the Award Committee should take place
May: Recipient of the award should be announced at the Faculty Meeting

Past Winners of the Award

Note: Before 2007-2008, the Faculty of Science Excellence Award was given in alternate years with the Faculty of Arts Excellence Award. Winners listed below for the years before 2007-2008 include both Science and Arts winners.

Faculty of Science - Award of Excellence

  • 2016 Antonia Di Paola - Psychology
  • 2015 Mark Orchard-Webb - Physics
  • 2014 Paula Domingues - Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
  • 2013 Saverio Biunno - Physics
  • 2012 Richard Talbot - Physics
  • 2011 Louise Decelles - Physics
  • 2010 Diane Koziol - Physics
  • 2009 Richard Rossi - Chemistry
  • 2008 Chantale Bousquet - Psychology
  • 2007 Raffaella Bruno - Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science - Award of Excellence

  • 2006 Dorothy Alleyne - English
  • 2005 Anne Comeau - Biology
  • 2004 Georgii Mikula - History and Linda-Renee Montreuil - Economics
  • 2003 Normand Trempe - Chemistry
  • 2002 Valentina Matsangos - English
  • 2001 Mary Gauthier - Psychology
  • 2000 Sharon Bezeau - Student Affairs Office
  • 1999 Vicki Loschiavo - Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
  • 1998 Sharon Barqueiro - Sociology
  • 1997 Mark Romer - Biology
  • 1996 Helen Wilicka - Political Science
  • 1995 Steve Kecani - Physics
  • 1994 Lois Manton - Deans' Secretariat
  • 1993 Kathryn Peterson - Biology
  • 1992 Carol Le Dain - Deans' Secretariat
  • 1991 Robert Lamarche - Biology