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McGill Attention

 McGill Attention 

McGill | Attention! is University Safety’s system to communicate alerts directly to McGill community members who have opted in. It is available 24/7.

It sends:

  1. Voice and/or (SMS) text messages to registered mobile devices, classroom and staff phones;
  2. Full-screen alert notification messages to internet connected desktops and laptops (Alertus)

On Your Mobile Device  |  On Your Computer Guide



On Your Mobile Device: Receive SMS text messages in case of an emergency

Attention! We need your number... Provide us your cell phone number to receive alerts. It takes only a few seconds of your time to do. Help us deliver an alert to you. Wherever you may be!

Tip: Add McGill | Attention!'s phone number, 514-398-8700 *, to your contacts to quickly identify who is calling and not miss an important message. Also, you might event want to add a special ringtone! 

Note that this phone number (514-398-8700) is not monitored and serves only to identify the service.

New Subscriptions | Existing Subscriptions

New Subscriptions

Log into Minerva, go to the Personal Menu > Mobile Device form, enter your mobile phone number and opt in.

  • receive alerts that may affect your health or safety
  • rapid delivery of voice and text messages
  • voice messages to staff, classroom and mobile phones
  • text messages to mobile phones

We anticipate up to two campus-wide tests per calendar year. Otherwise, we cannot predict how many actual events will warrant the use of the service.

More information on McGill | Attention! can be found in the IT Knowledge Base.

To opt in your mobile device(s) to McGill | Attention!, log in to Minerva and select the Personal Menu > Mobile Devices option.

McGill University does not charge for this service but, depending on your mobile device plan, you may be charged a fee for airtime or delivery of message.

Existing Subscriptions

Recently, changes were brought to the opt-in process of the University’s automated notification system (ANS), McGill Attention! These changes became necessary to increase the efficiency of the ANS by supporting all North American cellular carriers either by SMS or voice messages, thus ensuring that the maximum numbers of recipients can opt-in and receive a timely notification should a situation warrant it.

Students and staff members who subscribed to the ANS prior to September 1, 2011, now need to return to the Minerva opt-in form to validate and update certain information. The opt-in form is accessed via Minerva – Personal – Mobile Device.

Please take note of the following and follow the guidelines:

  • Only 1 mobile device number may be opted-in to the service. If you have opted-in more than 1 number, by default only the first number entered was transferred to the new ANS database.
  • You must indicate your service provider (Bell, Rogers, Virgin Mobile, etc.…) by selecting it from the drop down menu. If your service provider is not among the providers listed, select OTHER and manually enter the name of the provider.
  • Once the service provider has been entered, you will be informed of what type of notification you will receive (text or voicemail), depending on whether the service provider is supported by the ANS for the reception of SMS messages. If the provider is not supported, you will receive a voice message rather than an SMS.
  • Please review all numbers appearing, and correct or delete any invalid entries.

Once all the information has been updated, simply confirm that the information is correct and click SUBMIT.

On Your Computer: Receive an alert notification on your computer or laptop

Alertus software must be installed on your computer in order to receive full-screen alert notification messages on desktops and laptops as part of McGill | Attention!

To obtain the Alertus software:

  1. Choose the Alertus download link corresponding to the alerts you want to receive (Windows or Mac).
  2. You will be prompted to sign in using your McGill Username and Password before downloading or saving the file.
  3. Run the installer.* (When running the installer, you may be prompted to enter the administrator username and password of your computer, which is not the same as your McGill Username/Password.)

For more information on how to download and install Alertus software, go here.

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