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Graduate Students 2012-2013

Baktygul Aliev  I'm a PhD candidate in Russian literature. My dissertation is on the sociological dimensions of the dialogical form in Dostoevsky's novels. I'm planning to submit my dissertation in fall 2012. In winter 2013 I'll be teaching at the University of Victoria as a sessional instructor. Other than Russian literature and literary theory, I'm interested in the critical theory.

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Vladimir  Ivantsov received his Kandidat nauk degree in St. Petersburg State University (Russia), where he taught Russian literature of 19th and 20th century. His research interests cover broad spectrum of topics including literary semiotics, Mikhail Bakhtin, Russian modernist drama, and rock and pop culture.  Ivantsov published a book on a contemporary Russian writer Vladimir Makanin, and numerous articles on Russian and comparative literature.

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Zora Kadyrbekova  M.A. candidate. 

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Tatiana Levesque is a PhD Student in the Department of Russian and Slavic Studies at McGill University. She holds a B.A. and an M.A. in Film Studies from Concordia University. Her dissertation, The Comic in the Late-Soviet and Early Post-Soviet Era: Rethinking a Bakhtinian Analysis of Laughter, under the supervision of Laura Beraha, deals with the aesthetics and socio-cultural implications of the carnival in cinema and literature. Tatiana Levesque currently holds a doctoral fellowship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. While at McGill, she has worked as a teaching assistant for the course Russian Giants of the 19th Century (I, II). She also teaches an Elementary Russian course.   Her main research interests include the study of mental images in literature and film, genre studies and cultural history. 

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Christopher Stone entered the MA thesis program at McGill University in September of 2011. He completed his BA (Hons.) at Memorial University of Newfoundland with a double major in Political Science and Russian Language and Literature. As part of the honours program he completed a honours thesis paper on the Ukrainian Orange Revolution in 2005 and the subsequent presidential election in 2010. The move to McGill refocused his interests from politics to literature and culture, and his varied interests now include Russian religion, pre-Petrine Russia, Silver age and Avant-Garde art and literature, Russian Formalism, and the Digital Humanities amongst others.

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Izabela Zdun is a doctoral student and a Russian language instructor at the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at McGill University. Her research interests encompass the intertwinement of oral tradition and literacy and the presence of folklore in contemporary Russian literature within the context of Lyudmila Petrushevskaya's fairy tales.

Izabela earned her B.A. in Specialized Translation and Interpreting and her M.A. in Russian and Russian literature at Warsaw University, Poland, majoring in language instruction and literary translation. Both professions enable her to combine her fascination for the spoken and the written word. 

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