RUIS McGill covers a large and varied territory of Quebec, stretching from Montreal to Nunavik in the far north – over half the province’s area. Nearly 1.8 million* people from different communities and all walks of life are served by RUIS McGill.


RUIS McGill’s territorial responsibility includes Nunavik (region 17), the Cree Territory (region 18), Nord du Québec (region 10), Abitibi-Temiscamingue (region 8), Outaouais (region 7), Montérégie west (region 16), West-Central Montreal and the West Island of Montreal (region 6).


These regions cover 63% of the Quebec landmass and included in the RUIS McGill territory are 7 different regional authorities, 2 CIUSSS, 3 CISSS and three other health centres.



*Population estimates according to the Portail informationel Santé et services sociaux as of November 2011