Publications & Collaborations

ROLED publications

"Rule of Law and Economic Development: A Comparative Approach Towards Sustainable Economic Growth Across the BRICs" [.PDF]. McGill Faculty of Law (Montreal: Quebec, 2012) 276 pages.

"Economic Regulation in the United States: Current Mechanisms for Enforcement" [.PDF] McGill Faculty of Law (Montreal: Quebec, 2011) 29 pages.

Prof. Nandini Ramanujam (McGill), Nicholas Caivano (Amnesty International), and Semahagn Abebe. From Justiciability to Justice: Realizing the Human Right to Food. JSDLP Online, Volume 11:1 (2015).

Other ROLED collaborations

McGill Faculty of Law

Fabien Gélinas, “L'État de droit et l'évolution du conseil constitutionnel français” [.pdf] Rule of Law in Russia – Issues of Implementation, Enforcement, and Practice (2013)

David Lametti, Ellen Bouque, & Ian Dahlman, “Canadian Property Registries” [.pdf] McGill Faculty of Law (Montreal, 2011)

Roderick Macdonald, Rebecca Dawe “An Analysis of the Forms and Functions of Independent Commissions of Inquiry (Royal Commission) in Canada” [.pdf] McGill Faculty of Law (Montreal, Quebec, 2011) 

René Provost “Pulled from the Edge of Legal Nihilism: Russia and the European Human Rights Regime”  [.pdf] Working Paper (Montreal: 2012)

University of Toronto

Peter Solomon, “Criminal Prosecution and the Regulation of Business” [.pdf] Verkhovenstvo prava kak factor ekonomiki. Mezhdunarodnaia kollektivnaia monografiia. Ed. EV Novikova, AG Fedotov, AV Rozentsvaig, I MA Subbotin (Moscow: Mysl, 2013).

Peter Solomon, “Enhancing the Independence of the Individual Judge” Unpublished Working Paper (2013)

Peter Solomon, “Putin's_New_Presidency_and_the_Criminal_Law:_Punishment_as_the_Universal_Solution” [.pdf] Unpublished Working Paper (2013)

Peter Solomon, “The Making of Criminal Law in Russia and the West: The Policy Process and the Role of Experts.” Unpublished Working Paper (2012)