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Strategic Research Plan

Shaping the future of McGill research

The McGill Strategic Research Plan 2013-17 has been finalized. The document was officially endorsed by McGill's Senate in November 2012 and by the Board of Govenors in February 2013. Researchers and administrators can now use this version (or the five-page summary) of the SRP as required. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the process. Download the SRP >>

Reflection of our community

During the extensive Strategic Research Plan consultation process, Vice-Principal (Research and International Relations) Rose Goldstein met with a wide range of McGill faculty, students, staff, and external partners to discuss their research goals, challenges, and priorities for the coming years.

Groups that provided input include: the SRP Advisory Committee, the Research Advisory Council, student associations, various focus groups, established and early career researchers, and a panel of external advisers. Members of the greater McGill community also had the opportunity to share their feedback via this website and at several large open forums. Consultations for the SRP were also coordinated with those for ASAP 2012: Achieving Strategic Research Priorities, ensuring that priority areas are aligned across both plans.

The McGill Strategic Research Plain 2013-2017 is the result. We feel its content and structure best encapsulate the overarching themes that emerged through the extensive outreach to our communities.  

Balancing priorities with flexibility

Although the SRP by definition identifies a limited number of fields and disciplines, we hope to ultimately create a document that balances specificity with high-level language and ideas. Our objective is to articulate an overall strategic vision for research excellence across the University while respecting the intellectual freedom and independence of researchers and students as well as the cultures of their Faculties and departments.

Send us your feedback

If you have questions about the SRP, please contact Research and International Relations through the SRP feedback form or by sending an email to SRP [at] mcgill [dot] ca