Research Collaborations with an Industrial Partner

No two industrially sponsored research projects start the same way. Many stem from long term friendships, others from a chance meeting at a conference or industry presentation organized by an OSR Officer, while still others arise from industry’s routine technology watch for new research and discoveries in their area of business, and finally some result from competitive calls for proposals or bids on research projects (see Bidding on a Contract). Whatever the catalyst, it is very important to involve an OSR Officer early in process, and definitely before you submit a draft proposal or sign any documents.

For more information on industrial sponsorship, see Collaborations and Working with Industry or contact an OSR team.


New in the fall of 2010,the Office of Sponsored Research is organizing workshops for faculty members on how to work with industrial partners. Given by our OSR Officers who have many years of experience managing these relationships, both in academia and in industry, these workshops will provide you with the tools and information necessary for a successful partnership. In these sessions, you’ll understand how and when to approach an industry partner, pricing vs. costing, what to expect in the contract terms and conditions, the differences in managing a research contract as compared to a grant, staffing considerations, as well as best practices for leveraging your industry dollars. You’ll also benefit from the hands-on experience of some of your faculty members - researchers who have successfully worked with industry over many years – learn their tricks and improve your success rate in industry sponsored research. Please contact our Grants and Agreements team or send an info.osr [at] (email) for information regarding upcoming sessions.