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International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) aims to build the capacity of people and institutions in developing countries by working with researchers as they confront contemporary challenges within their own countries and contribute to global advances in their fields.

IDRC supports research across four broad areas: Agriculture and the Environment, Global Health Policy, Social and Economic Policy, and Science and Innovation.

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Small Grants in Innovative Research and Knowledge-Sharing:

Calls for this program will be launched three times a year at the beginning of April, August, and December. Restrictions apply to the number of institutional submissions per competition. The call offers two types of funding:

Support to research, knowledge-building, and knowledge-sharing projects. Knowledge-building and knowledge-sharing projects may include conferences, workshops etc., but are distinguished from support to events and to small dissemination activities and products in that they must be more than an event(s) i.e. at least 50% of the budget must go towards non-event activities (e.g. preparation of research papers leading to a workshop). Each year, IDRC approves approximately 20 small grants of this type, ranging from $15,000 to $60,000 CDN each.

Support to events and to small dissemination activities and products. Events (usually conferences, workshops, and other activities) are often used to support the participation of people from LMICs (e.g. as speakers).Youth involvement is particularly encouraged. Each year, IDRC approves up to 20 grants a year, with an average value of $12,000 CDN each. 

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Research Grant Idea (unsolicited):

Most research funded by IDRC is as a result of a competitive call or via invitation following a discussion with an IDRC program officer. If you have an idea that you believe fits with IDRC’s mandate you should first contact the relevant program officer, who will be able to provide advice about regional and thematic priorities. Starting a dialogue early on will help to ensure closeness of fit between your area of interest and IDRC’s program priorities. Alternatively, you may send the officer a research grant idea.

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