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Foundations offer a wide array of extraordinary research funding opportunities.
However, finding the right sponsor and understanding their specific application process can be quite time-consuming.

Therefore, the Office of Sponsored Research is happy to assist you with your proposal for a foundation under an open call for submissions.

If you want to receive information about upcoming application deadlines for the major foundations, please sign up for our funding alerts.  You can also find the monthly deadlines for some of the major foundations listed here. If you do not find the foundation you are looking for, please check our funding opportunities database.

Before submitting a proposal, please fill out the OSR checklist and send it together with a copy of your proposal to the joanna [dot] mastalerek [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Grants Officer) in charge.

For proactive proposals to foundations that fall outside of an open call, researchers should contact University Advavcement at McGill, which has long-standing relationships with foundations based on specific areas of research and is able to support you in forging connections with potential funders and give advice on all aspects of proposal development.

Selected online resources about applying at foundations for research funding: