Applying for a CRC

Nomination and application

CRC Renewals and New Nominees will be contacted by their faculty to put forward their nomination. New nominees must create a portfolio on the CRC portal and contact Strategic Initiatives (SI) with your PIN in order to be linked to McGill and to obtain access to the online forms. Renewals should contact the Strategic Initiatives (SI) unit to gain access to renewal forms online.

The first complete draft of the nomination will be reviewed by the Standing Internal Review Committee of the Provost's Office. Recommendations and comments will be disseminated to the relevant faculties.

Strategic Initiatives (SI) will review the revised dossiers and coordinate the final submission process.

Important: The CRC has recently changed its policies governing the submission of letters of reference and conflicts of interest. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the new guidelines to avoid having their nomination withdrawn from the cycle.

Applicants should refer to detailed timelines for upcoming competitions:


Listed below are tools and resources we develop; please contact the Strategic Initiatives (SI) team for a copy of these documents.

  • Instructions for Referee letters
  • New Nominee Application Guidelines