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About the Leading Edge and New Initiatives Funds

The Leading Edge (LEF) and New Initiatives Funds (NIF) are major infrastructure funding competitions seeking innovative and transformative infrastructure projects covering the full spectrum of research and development activities.

The LEF focuses on activities that depend on the results of past CFI investments whereas the NIF focuses on promising innovative research that does not build on past CFI investments.

Competitions are launched every two to three years. The results of the LEF/NIF 2009 competition were announced in June 2009.  McGill University was awarded over $62 million from CFI and the Government of Quebec for infrastructure to support 5 projects:

  • Vincent Giguère - Metabolism and Cancer: from Obesity to Cachexia (total project cost: $9,673,798)
  • Paul Lasko -  MIRGED: McGill/IRCM Research Group on Embryology and Disease (total project cost: $10,769,273)
  • Chao-Jun (C.J.) Li - Toward a Healthy Environment: Green Chemistry and Green Chemicals (total project cost: $20,801,118)  
  • David Plant - Laboratories for Broadband Optical and Wireless Networks Research (total project cost: $13,796,400)
  • David Y. Thomas - McGill University Life Sciences Complex: Disease to therapy initiative (total project cost: $26,582,370)

2012 LEF/NIF Competition

In preparation for the 2012 LEF/NIF competition (Call VII) the Office of the VP-RIR initiated an institutional review process to select projects for submission in April, 2012.  The notification of awards is expected in November of 2012.

Future LEF/NIF Competitions

The timelines for the next LEF/NIF competition have not been announced.