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DRSS in the Animal Resources Centre

McGill Comparative Medicine Animal Resources Centre's Diagnostic and Research Support Service

The Diagnostic and Research Support Service (DRSS) of the Comparative Medicine Animal Resources Centre is a diagnostic laboratory that is capable of collecting and processing both biological (e.g. body fluids, tissues/organs) and non biological (e.g. microbiological micromonitoring of feed, water, bedding) samples from an extensive range of laboratory animal species (e.g. non human primates, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and amphibians).

Specializing in rodent diagnostics, the DRSS offers the following services:


Clinical Analyses:

  1. Hematology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Microbiology
  4. Parasitology
  5. Serology
  6. Necropsy - Gross pathology and histopathology

Research support service

Special Projects:

  1. Cell line testing: Mouse Antibody Production (MAP) test, Rat Antibody Production (RAP) test.
  2. Polyclonal Antibody Production (in vivo)
  3. Monoclonal Antibody Production (in vitro bioreactor)
  4. Technical Services: tumour transplants and tumour progression monitoring, drug/compound administration, blood, urine, organ collection
  5. Complete health testing (serology, bacteriology, parasitology) for rodent importation and exportation
  6. Pharmacy services: drugs and supplies, information for narcotics and controlled drugs permits
  7. Sentinel health testing
  8. Tissue exchange/harvest program

For more information, contact the Animal Resources Centre at 398-3510 or visit their web site at: Animal Resources Centre.
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