If you see or hear something about animals, conditions or procedures that you do not feel comfortable with, do not remain silent.

  • Talk to the people around you, the investigator or the technician in charge of the animals. Often it is a matter of not understanding what is being done and why.
  • If you are still not satisfied with the explanation, follow the Policy on Animal Welfare and Compliance Concern: Policy on Animal and Compliance Concerns
  • If you feel uncomfortable about doing the above or if you feel the answers and/or actions (or lack of) are not acceptable to you, send us an animalcare [at] (email). Someone will look into it and your identity will remain confidential.

For general information about animal research, please read our pamphlet:

In English: Animal Research pamphlet - English [.pdf]

In French: Animal Research pamphlet - French [.pdf]

McGill's Safe Disclosure Policy (also commonly called the whistleblowing policy):

Safe Disclosure Policy [.pdf]

Thank you for caring and being responsible enough to take steps in ensuring that our subjects are well cared for.