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A RAN listserv has been created to keep all members informed of future events, as well as policies and procedures related to research administration at McGill.

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For ease of future reference, major announcements sent to the McGill research community can be found here:

Notice Description Published Date
2017 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide - Summary of Changes (Original Receipts) Effective October 1, 2017, the Tri-Agency modified the section on travel claims in such that original receipts are no longer required.  However, in order to abide by best business practices and at the recommendation of our auditors, the existing University Reimbursement of Travel and Other Expense Policy and the Procedures for Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses remain in effect as it relates to submission of original receipts for all research grants and contracts.  The University Policy exceptionally supersedes the granting agency's policy. 2017-11-07

Research Asset Management Phase 2: Management and Disposal of Used and End-of-Life (U/EoL) Research Equipment

McGill is initiating a pilot phase for the management and disposal of used and end-of-life (U/EoL) research equipment purchased from Tri-Agency and US Federal Funds.

For additional information, kindly refer to the Research Asset Management Phase 2 Memo.


Research Asset Management Phase 1: Tracking & Tagging of Research Equipment

As of January 1, 2017, McGill will begin tracking and tagging research-funded equipment that has an acquisition cost of $10,000 CDN or more (tax included). 

For additional information, kindly refer to the Research Asset Management Phase 1 Memo.


PDF icon 2016 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide - Summary of Changes

A 2016 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide - Summary of Changes has been created to highlight the updates made by the Tri-Agency to the Financial Administration Guide.

Changes made to this year’s guide supersede previous versions and are effective October 1, 2016.

For any additional information, kindly refer to the complete 2016 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide.


Tri-Agency Monitoring Site Visit 2016 Results Memo

The Tri-Agency Monitoring Visit officially concluded in February 2016. The Tri-Agency report cited significant strengths, and also identified areas that require changes in order for McGill to ensure compliance.


PDF icon Tri-Agency Monitoring - 2016 site visit and implementation of 3 new compliance measures

McGill has received confirmation that we will be undergoing our next monitoring review in February 2016.  Important changes continue to take place to ensure the Principal Investigators (PIs), or their confirmed Delegate(s), authorize all expenses charged to grants.  To this effect, three new compliance measures will take effect in December 2015:

  1. Quarterly Purchase Order-Invoice Variance Report
  2. Internal Central Services Report
  3. PI/Delegate Approval of Procurement Card (PCard) Reconciliations

PDF icon 2015 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide - Summary of Changes


A 2015 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide - Summary of Changes has been created to highlight the updates made by the Tri-Agency to the Financial Administration Guide.  The table summarizes only the following sections of the guide:

  • Use of Grant Funds
  • Checklist - List of Eligible and Non-Eligible Expenses for Stationery and Office Supplies

The changes/updates are underlined and highlighted in grey.

For any additional information, kindly refer to the complete 2015 Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide.

New Requirements for Research Expenses: Digital Record Retention

McGill University is embarking on a new record retention project aimed at meeting the highest standards of financial controls for the administration of research funds as well as ensuring prompt and efficient retrieval of supporting documentation for compliance monitoring and audit purposes.  The implementation of this secure web-accessible repository, eDocumentum, is planned for release to the McGill community for Spring/Summer 2016.


New Requirements for Research Funds: Authorization of Expenses by PIs and Record Retention

Principal Investigators (PIs) must use the online Delegation of Temporary Signing Authority application to authorize signing authority to delegates.  PIs or their delegates must authorize all expenses allocated to their research funds.  Documents evidencing appropriate authorization must be retained by the Faculty/Department/Unit, easily accessible and retrievable upon request by sponsoring agencies.


Delegating Purchase Requisition Approvals - Change in Process

Effective March 13, 2014, ALL Purchase Requisitions must be approved by the Fund Financial Manager/Principal Investigator (FFM/PI) or their delegate.  FFMs/PIs who have not assigned delegates for Purchase Requisitions on their funds/grants will need to approve ALL Purchase Requisitions regardless of the dollar amount.  The approval of Purchase Requisitions exceeding $10,000 may not be delegated.  This threshold has not changed.


Fund Balances and Profile Report for PIs/FFMs - New Tool to Manage all Your Funds

The Fund Balances and Profile report is an active tool that can be used to track the daily activities and balances for all funds.


POPS Timesheets now available on Minerva Delegate Temporary Signing Authority Menu

Effective December 12, 2013, the new radio button for POPS Timesheets will be available and can be found in Minerva under the Employee Tab or the Finance Tab.

Effective January 6, 2014, POPS Timesheets will require the Fund Financial Manager/Principal Investigator (or their Delegate) to sign and date the timesheets.


Reimbursement of Expenses - PROCEDURE UPDATE regarding missing receipts

Effective September 1, 2013, the practice of obtaining a signed memo as a substitute for missing original receipts in expense claims, will no longer be in effect.  Claimants must now submit supporting documentation (original receipts or acceptable equivalent) when making travel expense reimbursements. 2013-09-03

Academic salary paid from research funds

OSR memo sent to Faculties clarifying tri-agency regulations with respect to charging academic salaries to grants. 2013-08-23

Delegation of Temporary Signing Authority Procedures For All Fund Financial Managers

Following the announcement regarding the New Delegation Menu accessible via MINERVA effective May 15, 2013, this new tool is to be used by all Fund Financial Managers and Principal Investigators for use across all fund types and is not restricted to research funds.  The temporary delegation in Minerva will replace the current paper forms and will be in effect for Travel Advances, Expense Reports and Payment Requests. 2013-05-09

Message from the Office of Sponsored Research and Research Financial Management Services to the McGill Research Community

Message discusses recent procedural changes implemented at OSR and RFMS to better streamline the research administration process at McGill. 2012-06-01