Bravo Gala

Celebration of Research Excellence

Honourees at the 2017 Bravo Gala. 

The 2015 Bravo laureates.

VP (Research) Rosie Goldstein with Bravo laureates Brent Richards, guest, Brett Thombs, and Kevin Schwartzman.

Bravo Laureate Niky Kamran with Principal Suzanne Fortier, Dr. Brenda Milner and Dr. Rosie Goldstein.

Faculty of Education faculty and staff members attend Bravo.

Bravo 2017 keynote speaker Prof. Claudia Mitchell

Bravo 2017 keynote speaker Prof. Vicky Kaspi

McGill’s annual Bravo gala celebrates the cream of the researcher crop. The winners of major provincial, national and international prizes, together with their families, friends and colleagues, gather to celebrate excellence in research and scholarship.  

Through dialogue and exchange – starting at McGill and expanding out into the wider community – McGill's researchers will approach new horizons! 

2017 Winners