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SSHRC Partnership Grants

Post-award resources

This page has been created at the request of SSHRC Partnership Grant holders as a repository for grant management resources and reporting templates. The resources below are provided for reference purposes only. SSHRC will provide the report templates to grant holders in advance of the due date.

RAN Jeopardy

Back by popular demand!

In December 2013, the Research Administration Network held a special event to celebrate the holiday season and the end of the first year of the RAN. Teams played a game of Jeopardy consisting of subject matter covered over the course of the year.

To allow others to consult the presentation and test their knowledge, RAN has developed an interactive game.

2014 RAN Sessions

January 24, 2014 - New Tools for 2014


In follow up to the 2013 session on New Tools, presenters will provide an overview of the new tools that are being implemented for 2014.

Material Presented:

Presentation - January 24, 2014

Research Administration Cheat Sheets

Research Administration Network will continue to develop cheat sheets on subjects related to research administration. Continue to check this website as more cheat sheets will be added in the coming months.

Cheat SheetDescriptionPublished
HR Staff Appointment Process Chart

Chart details the steps to be followed in the staff appointment process at McGill.

Research Administration Roles and Responsibilities

Published in November 2012, the Research Administration - Roles and Responsibilities was developed by an internal working group, the Tri-Agency Response Implementation Group (TRIG), in response to the first recommendation of the Final Report of the Tri-Agency Financial Monitoring Review, that the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the management of research grant funds must be well-defined and understood. The roles and responsibilities focus

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions received in the day-to-day conduct of research administration. It will also be used for questions raised during the RAN sessions.

Delegation of Signing Authority

Prior to May 15th, 2013, a PI delegated signing authority on his funds and the form was submitted to Transaction Services.

Resource Quick Links

To assist RAN members, we have assembled a list of links to commonly-used web resources.

For ease of access, you will also find below links to commonly-used websites for those involved in research administration at McGill:

2013 RAN Sessions


January 18, 2013 - Introduction to the RAN


Overview of the recently implemented Roles and Responsibilities document.  Overview of both OSR and RFMS (activities and responsibilities of each unit).

Material Presented:

PowerPoint Presentation - Introduction to the RAN

Research Administration Toolbox

RAN aims to provide the tools and resources to foster the professional development of McGill staff by improved understanding of the policies and processes involved in day-to-day research administration activities.

What can you find in this toolbox?

  • Cheat sheets - hand-outs to assist research administrators with common questions
  • Reports - Web and Crystal rep

Upcoming RAN sessions

Monthly meetings are held at 9am on Friday mornings, with the exception of July and August which take place on Thursdays.

Although the RAN committee has developed the full schedule of events for 2014, it is currently waiting for confirmation from the invited speakers for the proposed sessions. Check back soon for the full schedule. In the meantime, we invite you to mark your calendars accordingly.

For information on previous events, please click here.