Research Administration Cheat Sheets

Research Administration Network will continue to develop cheat sheets on subjects related to research administration. Continue to check this website as more cheat sheets will be added.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions received in the day-to-day conduct of research administration. It will also be used for questions raised during the RAN...

Research Administration Announcements

A RAN listserv has been created to keep all members informed of future events, as well as policies and procedures related to research administration at McGill....

Resource Quick Links

  To assist RAN members, we have assembled a list of links to commonly-used web resources.

Research Administration Toolbox

RAN aims to provide the tools and resources to foster the professional development of McGill staff by improved understanding of the policies and processes involved in day-to-day research...

Welcome to the Research Administration Network (RAN)

Welcome to the RAN website. This website will continue to grow over the course of the network and is intended to provide tools and resources to assist research administrators throughout the McGill...

RAN Session:New Tools for Research Administration


During “New Tools for Research Administration,” a suite of new tools being developed to support researchers and research administrators will be presented. Speakers will be: